Dr. Brian Ricca 745-2791

Serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the School District and carries out the policies of the School Board relating to educational or business affairs of the school district Identifies the educational goals and prepare plans to achieve those goals Hires all non-licensed personnel; recommends to the Board a candidate for all licensed positions. If Board declines that recommendation, Superintendent brings forth another candidate Advises the Board on matters of policy and the law Represents the School District in contract negotiations Responsible for adhering to all federal and state laws, state rules, employment agreements and contracts, and mandates Furnishes the Commissioner with required data and information Provides for the general supervision of the public schools Oversees Community Relations

Kara Lufkin 745-2749

Director of Student Support Services Homeless Liaison

Kara Lufkin 745-2749

Director of Student Support Services

Responsible for all special services to students, including Special Education and IEPs, 504s, English Language Learners, High School Student Supports, and other special plans for all students in the District age 0-22 Supervises all early childhood programs Represents School District on all inter-agency teams Supervision of special services faculty, assuring compliance with all state and federal laws and regulations Development of the district service plan to be submitted to the state annually Responsible for all state and federal reporting Oversees all out-of-district placements Develops and manages the budget for all special services and related grants Homeless coordinator